A professional with deep industry ties and a long list of accomplishments, Massimo Sex D'Electro, the Berlin-based Artist is the founder of the successful Electrobot Records label, DJ, musician, producer, live act, promoter and a well-known radio personality.

In 2003 Electrobot Records was founded as a plattform for the Artist and Friends around Massimo.It took one year till the first were sold in the shops and the impact on the electronic music world was massive. Before that Massimo was able to impress Miss Kittin with his Music production skills and that culminated in a party with non the less than T.Raumschmiere, Miss Kittin and Massimos Live-Band-Project Feldstärke Einxz in Berlin (see Fotos & Flyer section).

Motivated by the simple desire to share music with the widest audience possible, a move from the DJ booth to the broadcasters cabin of TwenFM Berlin was a logical extension, and in 2004 Massimo launched his first weekly Radioshow Electricity on Air in Berlin.Upon launching the Berlin.sElektro.Technik partyseries in the club Maria in Berlin in January 2005 where he presented both electrobot label artists and an array of international guests, like Anthony Rother, Wolfgang Flür (Kraftwerk), Legowelt , Alexander Robotnick to name a few.

The 3 years jubileum party on 30th Dec 2006 was a truly magical event in Massimo's career and confirmed once again his residency till 2010 at the club Maria Berlin.

But it's undoubtedly electrobot that has introduced Massimo to a truly worldwide audience. Despite the label's short history so far, its innovative productions which follow Massimo's lead by combining Electro, Italo , EBM influences with a deep sense for Dancefloor-grooves attracted the attention of top DJs, clubbers and curious listeners from all over the world. electrobot's buzz quickly catapulted from local word-of-mouth and online enthusiasm to attract the attention of international top-DJs.

With ears trained through years DJ experience, Massimo has turned his abilities as a selector towards discovering fresh, innovative talents; current electrobot signees are just the start of what we can expect from Massimos development of Electrobot as the platform for a new generation of musical talent.

Dear Friends, if you want me to listen to your music you will have to send a cd with max. 5 tracks to : Electrobot Music Group , Postbox 08 01 12, D-10001 Berlin, Europe

Thank you and keep up the great work.